Fall Winter '24


All aboard The Donsje Express for your first-class fall winter experience!

Open your suitcase for our luxurious railroad gardrobe and relish the company of our plushy poodle, dainty dalmatian and afghan hound.
Our steam locomotive will guide you through the new season, where each stop surprises you with timeless style.

Inspired by the era when chugging locomotives embarked on chic voyages, our new collection transports you to our modern journey, where every garment is your ticket to a captivating adventure. The warming color palette matches the season with thyme greens, pecan browns, coppery rusts and warm whites.

Explore a wide range of layering essentials. From designs with corduroy pleats and jumpsuits in pinstripe prints, to bodywarmers with animal embroideries and coats decorated with teddy fur.

Our leather pom-pom sneakers lead you through the carriages, joined by the cheerful sound of the train whistle, signalling the start of a remarkable season!